IDAY 2018

1. What is IDAY?


International Day (IDAY) is the biggest international student festival in the region of east Sweden. It is day meant for you to represent your culture and traditions with all of us. You can represent your country in various forms displaying things from clothing and food to games and inventions from your country. You can also participate in the cultural competitions that take place like singing, dance etc


  1. Funding for the event?


ISA sponsors your stand, so you just get your receipts for the expenses you incur to put up decorations make food etc and we will pay you back. Of course, funding this way is limited by our budget. Other ways to get funding are your embassy, home university, tourism department of your country and various other associations.


  1. I don’t know many students from my country here in Sweden, how do I participate?


When the registrations are open, you can signup on the form. If we receive more than one application from a country we will put you in contact with each other so that you can plan it in the best way.


  1. I am a Phd student or employee at the university, can I still participate?


Yes, the event is open to everyone at the university. The event is usually held on a Friday so that most people are able to join in with the festivities. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to write to us at


  1. I am a Swedish student, can I participate?


Of course, you are most welcome! The International Office (IO) at the university usually puts up a table on Sweden’s behalf. You are more than welcome to join in and contribute.