New Student Guide

Registration in Sweden:
As an ERASMUS student with a stay of 6 months you don’t need to register with Skatteverket but if you stay longer than one semester you should inform yourself at the webpage of what you need to do.
If you come to Sweden for a one- or two-year Master program you need to get registered and you will receive a personal identity number or personnummer as it is called in Swedish that is required for a lot of further activities in the bank system etc. Once you arrive in Linköping you will first need to go to the Student Service Desk in Campus Valla (Zenit Building) or Campus US (Entry 76) and get your Liu Card. For this you first need to register for your program in and bring the admission letter and your passport/ID with you. There you will receive your LiU card. As soon as possible you should go to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) in town. Take the LiU card and your housing contract as well as all other required documents to Skatteverket. Required documents vary depending on your nationality: ( and we recommend you to have everything ready once you arrive in Linköping as getting a personal identity number otherwise can take a lot of time and it already takes some weeks to months to get it in a usual case. When giving your address for the letter to be sent out with the personal identity number you should make sure that you don’t only add your house number but also your specific room or apartment number indicated with the letters LGH. This is especially applying to students who are living in corridor rooms because otherwise letters might be sent back to Skatteverket.

Swedish ID card
Once you received the letter with your personal number you managed the major step and you are already one step closer to all other bureaucratic steps. For a lot of things a Swedish ID might be very helpful and it is a proof of age and identity within Sweden. Therefore, you need to apply for an ID card which costs 400 SEK before applying. You pay this fee in advance of the application for the ID card and you need to have a prove of payment with you once you go to the tax agency again to take a picture and apply for the ID. All further information on what to keep in mind before going there is mentioned here:
After some weeks you will get a letter with which you need to go back to Skatteverket to pick up your ID card. Important for you to know: The Swedish ID is only valid in Sweden and doesn’t replace your passport while traveling outside Sweden.

Getting a bank account
To get a bank account in Sweden you need to have a personal number and some banks even ask for a Swedish ID card. There are different banks existing that you can check out as e.g. SWEBANK, SEB, Länsförsäkringar Östergötland, ICA Bank.

Swish and BankID
Swish is a very useful and widely used App in Sweden. It is connected to your phone number and your bank account and people who have Swish can easily transfer money from one to the otheraccount by entering a phone number. In order to be able to use Swish you need a kind of ID security App. It is also connected to bank account and is basically a second App where you have a code that works as a signature. Once you want to Swish a special amount this app called BankID is opened and you can verify your transfer. Also, for some other activities in the web as e.g. declaring taxes this BankID can be used.

Transport in Linköping
Going from one place to another in Linköping is quite easy, you can choose to go by bike or by bus. Linköping has great local bus traffic, which will make it easy for you as a new student to move around in the city. Here we will give you some examples for important bus lines in Linköping.
Bus lines:
Nr 4: is an important line that can take you from Resecentrum (train station) to both campuses (University Hospital and Campus Valla).
Nr 3: This line is important for people, who are living in Ryd. It runs between Ryd and Linköping centrum and stops at Resecentrum as well. If you live in Ryd you will not necessarily need to take the bus to university as it is close to Campus Valla and you can probably walk or take the bike. To go from Ryd to the Hospital Campus it will take you around 15?20 minutes by bike and if you want to take the bus you need to change once in town or walk from Stora Torget (city center).
Nr 73: This line is also called the campus bus and it is a bus that you can take to go in between Campus Valla, US and if you want to, it can also take you all the way to Norrköping. The best part with this bus is that it is free of charge for LiU students! You only need to show your LiU card, and you are good to go.
There are of course a lot more bus lines but that are the lines the most important to get you started. For more information go to Östgötatrafiken’s (bus company) homepage, it can be translated into English. There you can get information about the different buses and ticket prices, there is student discount and to get access to it you need to show your LiU card.
We do recommend that you download the app ÖstgötaTrafiken. With this App you can buy tickets and also search for different travel options.

Written by Annabel Burkard,Lovisa Johansson, Johanna Radegård, Patricia Johansson, Signe Skog & Ruiqing Yan