Frequently Asked Questions: ISA Welcome activities 2017

1. Where can I find the details of all the ISA activities?

You can find the details of all activities on our website events page, click here or use link below. Here you will find the ISA events calendar with all activities throughout the semester and you can download this to your Smartphone using ICAL format (details on how to do this will be available on website soon).

An easier way is to sign up on our mailing list and we will email you every time an event is created. You could also like and join our Facebook page and Facebook group(if you want to receive invites to events).


2. How much do the activities cost?

ISA doesn’t charge you for any activities however when we have trips then the travel, accommodation, activities etc costs are charged accordingly and varies with the type of event.

3. Where and when can I buy tickets for paid activities?

You can buy the tickets at an ISA counter in Colosseum, C – Hus, Campus Valla at specific times which will be advertised through our facebook group and on the events page of the activity on our website.

4. What are the upcoming free ISA events this month?

07 Aug – ISA Online Quiz
12 Aug – Go to Ikea with ISA
17 Aug – Campus tour with ISA and ESN
18 Aug – Visit ISA at the Welcome Fair
24 Aug- Welcome party with ISA
26 Aug – Viking day
27 Aug – Bike trip to the locks of berg
27 Aug – Welcome BBQ in RYD with ISA
05 Sep – Try Swedish Surströmming with ISA
08 Sep-10 Sep – ISA amazing race

5. What is the Norrköping city quiz, is it open for students who don’t study in Norrköping as well?

It is open for all students at the university. Limited places are available as it includes a free tour of the city hall and a FIKA. Priority is given to new student arrivals.

6. What is the Cozy Norrköping FIKA all about? Who is it meant for?

The Norrköping FIKA is designed for the students from Norrköping to get together for FIKA as there are not as many students in Norrköping. Limited places are available and if any places are left they are open for students from Linköping as well. Priority is given to new student arrivals in Norrköping.

7. What is the ISA Welcome BBQ?

ISA Welcome BBQ is open to all students and is meant to be an activity for you to mingle with other students over a BBQ. It is always at the BBQ spot opposite the volleyball court in Ryd. ISA will light up the BBQs and make sure they are running all evening. We will also have some free giveaways for the people who arrive early however you are expected to bring your own food for the BBQ.

8. What is the ISA Amazing Race?

The ISA Amazing Race is an awesome way to travel and see the Östergötland county. There will be a set of rules given and you will be supplied with some puzzles/tasks that you have to perform at each location in groups of 2-3 people. The first team to finish all the tasks wins the race. The prize is free tickets on the ISA Helsinki and Stockholm trip.

9. What about the trips this semester are the dates finalized?

All trips will be published soon. If you have specific questions you can ask us on the upcoming welcome fair.

10. Are you recruiting new board members? How can I apply?

We will post an open call for new board members soon. All information and deadlines can be found on our website by the end of week 3, 2017.